Arewa Marketplace connecting buyers and sellers

- Whether you run a superstore, own a small kiosk or you are selling from your garage. It is totally free.


Why Dankoli Marketplace ?

Northern Nigeria has a population of over 30million people distributed over vast geographical area with a lot to offer. Dankoli.com was developed with the idea to bring northern population into the economy. The first Arewa location based marketplace that seamlessly connect buyers and sellers via a secure online mobile platform with the aim of making it easy to do business from anywhere and at anytime. Thereby changing the way people meet, work and live. Whether you run a superstore, own a small kiosk or you are selling from your garage. It is totally free.

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Who is it for and how dose it work ?

How it works for sellers

Download app

Download Dankoli mobile application from the app store


Register new account, login for existing users or login with social media account.

Upload photos

Take real time photos or browse existing photos from mobile phones and describe your item.

How it works for buyers

Find the best Deal

Search for what you want and filter by category, price e.t.c

Contact seller

Contact the seller by phone call, sms or email and make appointment of a meeting point

Do good business

Meet seller at an agreed location and do good business

Discover Extra Features

Here are some features to expect in Dankoli mobile application.

Offline Capability

Enjoy viewing and contacting sellers while you are offline. A great way to make sure you dont miss out deal when data connection is off.

Simple & User Friendly

Easy as pie, nice and simple user interface with waterfall grid view,  image slider with pinch to zoom capability.

Reviews for Sellers

Buyers can provide valuable review about sellers to encourages them provide better product/services and guide new buyers in informed decsion making.

Realtime geolocation

It uses phone GPS to serve you nearby items items within you locaclity that are at a walkable distance.

Search & Filter

Ability to browse by category and define search keywords for items while displaying results based on relevance with sorting and filtering capability.

Social sharing & Login

There is love in sharing. It quick and easy to share with friends and family. Fully integrated with WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Messenger, Email and SMS

Download Dankoli app Today!

So, why wait? Download and experience the best of what dankoli has to offer. Available on phone and tablet.

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